Bintex Industrial Textiles


Filter Media

Filter media, constructed from cotton, polyester, PP, nylon and non-woven is employed in industries for wet, solid-liquid, slurry filtrations, solvent extraction etc. industries that use filter media include edible oil/ soya extraction, pharmaceuticals, starch and derivatives, dyes, paints and chemicals, fertilizers and phosphates, soap and detergent manufacturing, water treatment technologies (ETP/ STP), electroplating, etc.

Filter bags, made-ups and filter accessories are used in various industries in filtration applications, to fit sophisticated and intricate equipment such as centrifuges.

Conveyor Belts

Manufacturers of open conveyors and endless, coated and PU belts. Open conveyors are constructed with polyester, cotton, blended (poly-cotton), nylon and weaves ranging from plain - twill - satin. Applications include various biscuit making and processing applications like cooling, rotary moulding, cutting, pannier, stacking etc.

PU belts are pieces, which are joint-less/ stitch-less and are fit directly into the biscuits line. They're typically used in rotary moulding, cutting and packing.

Technical Textiles

We're also into manufacturing other technical textiles:

Airslides/ pneumatic conveyors, used in paper and pulp industry

Liners, sandwich cloth and impression fabrics, used in rubber and tyre industries

Food-grade bags and balloons, used as sugar bags for sugar absorption, loading and unloading and confectionery plants, plan shifter bags for flour mills across transmission lines and dust collector bags/ balloons for common dust collection


Ginning cloth, scrim cloth and camp cot cloth